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Spotcam is a new established manufacturer for cloud based surveillance solutions from Germany which products we have already presented earlier in our blog. Now we had the opportunity to test out Spotcam. In the following review we want to present to you our results and impressions.


Like a regular webcam the task of the Spotcam is to record a livepicture.The only difference is that the Spotcam does not save the data on your local hard drive, it saves them in the cloud. This service is for a live broadcasting and for saving the video data for one day without any cost. After that you have to pay a fee depending on the length of the video material

Package contents

Spotcam Lieferumfang

The content in the package is kept simple. Next to the Spotcam there is only a manual, equipment to set up the Spotcam and the charger. Though it has a small content in the package you can start instantly with configurating the spotcam which we will look into further in the „Installation“ part.

Technical data


The compact Spotcam is able to send or record a videosignal with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and 30 frames per second. The recording angle is 110 degrees. With the implemented infrared-LEDs you are able to record at night aswell.


On the inside a wireless lan modul has been build in to stream the broadcast to the internet. Additionaly, the manufacturer added a loudspeaker and a microphone.

Outside view

The Spotcam is designed very practical. To set up the Spotcam you only need to find a place to stand down the camera. On the bottomside you can find three screw openings which you can use in order to attach the camera to the wall.


The body of the Spotcam has a diameter of five centimeters and 15 centimeters in height. Aswell the body has a movable hinge which is connected to the foot. The weight is around 200 gramm.


Next to the camera the logo of the manufacturer is seen aswell as the microphone and the state-LED which is depending on the use of the camera to shining or blinking.


On the backside there is the hole for the charger and a switch which allows you to change the wifi-mode of the Spotcam. This switch offers a special function which we will describe in the „Installation“ part later.


At the top of the Spotcam you can find the loudspeaker.


After we unpacked the Spotcam and plugged it in, we were already able to start the installation.


For the installation you require a router and a device which supports wireless-lan. We decided to use a notebook and a smartphone for this purpose in order to see if there are differences during the installation process.

installation start download programm spotcam

Independent from the way of installation you have to register on the website For the registration you just need to enter a username, a password and an email-address. No personal data will are required until you chose a payed plan.


After verifying the registration we log in with our new data and download a program for the Spotcam onto our notebook. On the smartphone we just download the app.

installation willkommen spotcam

Both ways of installation are following the same procedure and will try to establish a direct connection to the Spotcam. The wifi-switch we mentioned earlier has to be set on AP so it allows a local access point to be avaiable.

wireless lan auswählen spotcam

We find the Spotcam and connect ourselfs with access point. To find the access point with the smartphone is a little more complicated than with a notebook. It is possible that a network with a stronger signal of connection is used and you will have to try a few times.

wireless lan verbindung fehlerhaft spotcam

In the following we get the message, that we should switch the wifi-mode to go on with the installation. We also have to change the network so that the Spotcam can connect to the home network.

wireless lan verbindung modus wechseln spotcam

While the installation on the notebook is very easy and without problems, the installation on the smartphone has some problems with connecting to the network. In the listing of wireless networks sometimes no entries will show up.

wireless lan verbindung verbindung herstellen spotcam

After more tries which all failed, we now go on with the installation on the notebook. The installation will end with choosing the name of Spotcam and the choice of the payed plan which allows us to use the Spotcam privately or for public purposes.

wireless lan verbindung kamerabild spotcam

All in all we are a bit concerned with the installation progress because it is a lot of work for not experienced users. For this we would like to have an easy solution like WPS push setup or an input form.


After you positioned the Spotcam you are able to record with the camera at day and night. You are able to choose to record a whole field or just to record several details with the camera which will be send with a delay to the server. In our case we had a delay of two to four minutes depending on our bandwith.


The quality at day times is satisfying. The colours are shown strong and the brightness is also in a good quality which makes the recorded video data naturally. Certainly, the moving elements in the picture are not always shown smoothly which you are able to see in the following video where for example the trees are not moving.


In the night the camera is able to record too due its infrared-LEDs. The video is broadcasted clear and distinct. If you choose to activate „Nightvision“ in the preferences the video will be displayed brighter. If the area which should be recorded is already enlighted you do not need to activate the option „Nightvision“

Preferences via browser or app

redaktionskamera einstellungen gamoha

Spotcam allows us to set up preferences via an app or the internet browser. For example you can switch of and on the Spotcam via remote control or put it into sleepmode.

Furthermore, you can reduce flickering and turn the area of view around 180 degrees.

Additionally, we can choose if the camera is recording or playing sound while surveillance. If you like Spotcam to be shared with the public, you can do that with the help of a link.


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