EASARS: Spotter and Hellbenter review

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Today we want to present you the new gaming mouse Spotter from the manufacturer EASARS. This Mouse is desrcribed as an E-Sport gaming mouse. If the Spotter can confirm this describtion and fulfills the reqiusitions a E-Sports-Gamer has on a mouse, we want to show you in this review. As a small addition to the mouse, EASARS delivered their new Bungee EA72 Hellbenter with the mouse, because both will be avaiable in a bundle aswell.

Package Contents

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The packages are kept pretty minimalistic. Next to the mouse there is a manual and a guarantee warrant. The same is the case in for the EA72 Hellbenter.

Technical Details

The Spotter comes with a 4000 DPI optic laser sensor. Its pollingrate can be set from 125Hz up to a range of 1000 Hz. The mouse gets connected through a USB 2.0-adapter. Also, the mouse has a 64 kilobyte sized internal memory to save the profiles which have been set in the driver software.

Outside description

Spotter gaming mouse

With a lenght of 128 millimetres and a wideness of 74 millimeters at a height of 40 millimetres the Spotter is a compact gaming-mouse. The weight is 160 gramms, whereas you have weights you can choose to put in or out. Those five plates weigh 15g each.

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Spotter has seven free programmable buttons. Next to the main buttons and the mouse wheel, there are two buttons behind the mouse wheel and two on the left side of the device. The mousewheel is surrounded by two LED-circles. Underneath the main buttons there is a net structure where the preset color is shining out.

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Ontop of the mouse there are a few small LED-slits and the logo of EASARS which can lighted out in LED-light aswell. On the sides there are also two rubbered areas to reduce slipping out of the hand. At the bottom there are two rubbered stripes and the opening for the weights.

easars spotter backside gamoha

Bungee EA 72 Hellbenter

The Hellbenter is a so-called mouse bungee, which looks like a scorpion made out of plastic. In the centre you can find a usb-hub consisting out of two simple USB-ports, a mini-USB-port and a logo of the manufacturer. On the backside you can find something which looks like a sting going to the front. It has a rail where you can put in the mouse cable. Along with its rubberized bottom the Hellbenter does not slip on your desk.

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Driver software

The driver software for the Spotter can be downloaded from EASARS website for no cost. Without the driver software it already works aswell, but the software delivers the possibilities of choosing light color, polling-rate and set the buttons to their art of functioning. Also you are given the possibility to save profiles of settings and load them.


As in our earlier reviews, a mouse has to go through our gaming tests. The Spotter had the chance of showing its capabilities in a Hack-n-Slay, a RTS-Game and within the E-Sports game CS:GO.

easars spotter left side switches gamoha

All in all we can say that the Spotter left a good impression of how it reacts to our clicks and the movement of the mouse itself. The length of the main buttons give different users the ability to use the mouse, which makes it useable for big and small hands. The clicking works without any problems and you do not need a lot of power to activate a click.

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In the Hack-n-Slay aswell in the RTS-Game we chose high DPI settings and were able to see the Spotter in action and can say it does a really good job. In CS:GO we chose low DPI settings and recognized there was no lag or input delay by the mouse.

easars hellbenter usb hub gamoha

In combination with the EA72 Hellbenter, unwished cable chaos is not a big problem anymore and the cable stays in position all the time unless you change it yourself and provides you the same feeling of using the Spotter everytime. The EA72 Hellbenter is a good addition to the Spotter, if you want to constantly feel the same gaming experience with your gaming mouse.

easars hellbenter usb gamoha


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